Custom Swarovski Crystal Pacifier Set


How cute are these? I custom make these by hand with swarovski crystals! I can do any age, these are 0-3 months. I can also do boys colors (black, aqua blue, light blue or dark blue). The crystals are set with industrial strength glue, so the crystals won't be going anywhere!

Disclaimer: The crystals used to decorate these pacifiers are secured using a specialty non-toxic gem tack; however, it is possible for them to come off which could therefore pose a chocking hazard or may be hazardous if swallowed. Although I have never experienced this problem myself and personally feel that the stones are so small that they would not cause any harm (ss 12), I still have to tell you to use at your own risk. These are novelty items and buyer assumes full responsibility.

Custom options at checkout! 

Crystal Colors - Light Pink, Bright Pink, Plum, Aqua, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Jet Black, Crystal, Yellow

Please Specify if you would like both pacifiers one color, a mix of two colors, or each pacifier I different color. 

Avent Pacifiers are pictured is the pacifier of choice, however, if you have a specific pacifier you need, just specify and I will get that for you.

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